Exploring LOST

The Legends Of Superior Trail (LOST) was once the highway that led from Superior to Miami. Walking along this trail, it is easy to see that this trip by any mode of transportation was probably slow. It is about a 2 mile stretch that runs along Queen Creek and runs parallel and below the current Route 60.

Along the trail are signs that explain about the wildlife and building of the roads.


If you look towards the north, you will see the remnants of old mines. Looking at some, I wondered how difficult it might have been to get a wagon to the mines. It appears that Queen Creek may have played a transport role moving ore from the mine to a place where it could be smelted.

Near the end of the trail you will find the old tunnel that cut through the mountain. It was replaced by the current tunnel, and you can see the construction ramp from the old road to the current near the entrance of the tunnel.

As always, Aria enjoys a good hike and like to stop and take in the views. If you are in Superior, this is a good little side trip to enjoy.



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