Today we hiked to a new area around Picketpost Mountain. We headed to Arnett Canyon. The only way to get to the canyon is to park and hike in. Luckily for me, I can get to the canyon via a short trail off of segment 17 of the Arizona Trail.

The trail is used often by horse riders and cattle. Aria loved the trail with all the horse apples, but she ignored cow pies. It led us through mesquite and tall grass that the cattle appear to have neglected. On each side of us rock formations grew from ancient magma flows beneath the surface. Every now and then I was able to see the summit of Picketpost Mountain, but not often. We didn’t hike the entire canyon as we got a late start.

On our return to the RV, we passed rocks with moss of various shades of green. Some appeared to be fluorescent as if a kid had painted the rocks with a bright yellow/green highlighter.

As we rounded the last turn we had a view of the mountains with Wheeler’s Needle appearing prominently. I attempted to take a picture, but the iPhone just doesn’t capture what beauty the eye can see. Therefore, I have blown up the section where Wheeler’s Needle is, so perhaps you can pick it out of the landscape shot.




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