Volunteering & Government Shutdowns

This is now my 3rd government shutdown to experience since I started volunteering. All have been under the leadership of President Trump. In my opinion, it serves no real purpose other than as a means for members of government to play chicken; each side waiting for the other to flinch. But each day, I see folks who come to the park on their vacation only to find services closed, garbage cans overflowing and restrooms locked.

I haven’t found one person yet who is impacted by the shutdown that supports it. After somebody flinched and the government decides to once again fund the hostage agencies, those same agencies are left to clean up the mess left behind. I am thankful that once again, I did not need to move the RV from its parking place in the park. During the shutdown, as a volunteer, I cannot work or help people. I have no mail delivery nor packages from UPS/FedEx. Why? There is nobody in the office to receive the mail or packages. People tend to think that the government doesn’t care about the parks during a shutdown, so why should they. Litter and damage build up waiting for government employees and volunteers to be allowed back to work.

I wish the citizens of this country would pitch in and clean the parks when the civil servants are prevented from working. Pick up the trash when it is seen and respect the park even when there is nobody there to remind them. Protect your national treasures!

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