Return to Arches National Park

In my post Arches National Park I said that I would need to return and see the areas that I missed due to road construction. I decided to make my return before I left the area for my next volunteer position. I drove back into the park, a bit later than I had planned but before noon. Tuesdays are one of my “days off”, so I did my morning rounds at the campgrounds and made sure that Aria was set in the RV with food and water.

The park wasn’t very busy at noon, but I still had a short wait in line before getting to the entrance gate. I didn’t prepare for a long trip nor a hike this time. All I brought was some water to quench my thirst. So hiking Devil’s Garden (7 miles) wasn’t on the agenda for this trip. My goal was to see the Windows Arches.

There were more arches in this area than I had thought. All were a short walk from the parking area. The sun was out, it had warmed up to 72 degrees and I really didn’t need the water I brought. But I carried it around anyway.

First stop was to see Double Arch. This was the best arch I saw. Even though there were few people in the park, most seemed to be climbing all over the arches that I wanted to take pictures of. I could have sworn that the signs all said “Don’t climb on the arches.”

I next headed towards Windows Arches. I only saw one, but the sign said North Window and South Window. I was perplexed. I first came to North Window Arch, and it provided some nice views. I followed the path to the South and came upon South Window Arch. It looked similar to North Window Arch. I spotted a sign that said “Primitive Trail”, so I followed it around the end of South Window Arch. Soon I was on the back side of the arches and could see both at the same time. To me, it actually looked like a mask that somebody would wear over their eyes at a party.

Onward to the last arch, named Turret Arch. I guess it gets the name from the surrounding rock structures that remind me of the turrets that form the corners of castles.

On my way back, I stopped at the Garden of Eden overlook. Not quite my image of the Garden of Eden, but the views of the land were spectacular.

The Devils Garden hike will need to wait until I return to the Moab area.


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