Dust to Deluge

Maybe I wished a bit too hard for some rain to tame the dust. See Dust & Wind.

Yesterday about 2 pm, the first of two storms hit. The winds blew harder than during Wednesday’s dust storm with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. The clouds let loose buckets of rain which quickly turned the dust to mud and small ponds. Thunder and wind rattled and shook Tortoise. Aria was a bit nervous as was I with a few of the strongest wind gusts. After a couple of hours, storm one abated and I decided as camp host, I should check on my campgrounds. Many trees lost limbs, small and large. A few trees fell over. The picture on this post’s banner was the worst. The tree fell on top of a tent. Luckily for everyone, the occupants were in town at the time. Before the tent could be removed, some branches needed to be cut away.

The second storm came 45 minutes later. But its winds were mild compared to earlier. It didn’t last too long; maybe an hour. The rains were predicted to continue until about 11 pm, so I decided this break would be a good time to walk Aria. I was surprised to see many waterfalls on all sides of me. I never expected to see waterfalls in Moab. Below are some pictures that I took. The waterfalls only lasted for a short time before fading back into hiding.

Along with seeing waterfalls, I was pleased to see that both Tortoise and my car were nice and clean. All that dust that covered them was gone.

One thought on “Dust to Deluge

  1. So good to chat with you the other night! Be careful of sudden flash flooding – and mud! So enjoying your articles on camping, working, meeting new people, the great outdoors out west, Aria, The Turtle, and more …


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