Dust & Wind

One phenomenon occurs every day as the sun sets beyond the cliffs of Arches National Park – gusting winds. The wind is nice as it cools everything baked by the sun. However in this campground there is a lot of dust. Fine sand that coats everything. I dust and sweep every night. My socks will never be white again.

This evening strong, gusting winds came up fast. I barely had enough time to get the awning secured, let alone close the windows. As I cursed the wind, a brief sprinkle of rain fell. I hoped it would be enough to tame the dust. I was disappointed as the dust won the round. I gave up waiting and grilled my dinner; trying to keep the dust out of my eyes. I turned around and beheld a beautiful rainbow. A rainbow that could only appear with the combination of dust, water and sunshine that passed by me.

This is why I enjoy nature. I only wish the picture captured all the colors that I saw.

5 thoughts on “Dust & Wind

  1. Perfect rainbow! That exact dust happened all with the wind all through February in Brownsville. But I liked it better than Chicago February weather.


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