Busy Beaver

After the storms, as I mentioned in previous posts, several trees around my campgrounds lost limbs. Between my site and the next one, a large cottonwood lost two large portions of itself. Luck favored me as both limbs fell into the neighboring site where the tents usually set up.


A beaver, or perhaps a family of them, live somewhere along the river near Goose Island campground. Before the storm, they were cutting down a tree each night. Site 14 is close to having no shade at this point. The storms saved many of the younger trees from an early demise. The beaver has been gathering the downed limbs and hauling them off towards the river. Regarding the tree next to my site, one beaver has been working away at clearing the downed limbs. Every night after dark, I hear a rasping, sandpaper like noise and then the rustle of a branch being dragged away. I have tried to get a photo of the beaver, but he is very clever at hiding in the dark. Last night, I am sure he gave me a piece of his mind while I was outside trying to get a picture.

I took a picture of the same tree yesterday, and you can see how much has been removed.


The BLM has a staff member that they don’t need to pay and does a pretty good job at cleaning up downed trees.

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