Cracker Barrels and KOAs

When we travel from one destination to the next, we tend to stop at either a KOA img_0876or a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. For the most part Kampgrounds Of America are fairly dependable in what they offer. Some are a bit more cramped than others and some have a parking lot feel, but I know what to expect. I feel the same at a Cracker Barrel location. There usually are spots to park the RV overnight and the menu doesn’t vary from one location to the next. However, the service and food quality does vary at each restaurant. But like the KOA, I know what to expect.

Some say staying overnight at a Cracker Barrel is free, but I find that it might cost as img_0877much as if I stayed at a KOA, but without the full hookups. When at a Cracker Barrel we tend to eat dinner and sometimes breakfast, so the overall cost is about the same.

We’ve stayed at other campgrounds along our path and even a Walmart or two. I have found that my stay in a Walmart parking lot is usually a noisy venture, if you are allowed to stay. Harves Hosts are also spots we stay at periodically. However, many times the host locations are not near my route.

But wherever we stay while on the road, Aria always finds her spot to relax.


As a side note to this post – I receive no compensation from any of the companies above. However, if any would like to sponsor me, I would be happy to drive around the country and rate their locations for how RV friendly they are. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Cracker Barrels and KOAs

  1. We personally stay away from KOA (I just don’t like their rates), but you are 100% correct in knowing what to expect when you stay in one. We find casinos to be welcoming, also, and much quieter than Walmart. The Grand in Oklahoma (we were driving through) told us to put our slides out and make ourselves at home. We aren’t big gamblers, but we did grab a bite to eat and put $5 in a slot machine. Like Aria, our Lexie (a lazy, sweet, couch potato bullmastiff) always finds a comfortable spot to lay her head. Oh, the life of our beloved pets. Safe travels to you! Dawn


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