Picketpost Trailhead

Dad and I drove from Flagstaff, AZ to the Picketpost Trailhead, located in the Tonto National Forest. The trailhead is about 5 miles west of Superior, AZ. For those familiar with the Phoenix area, it is about 45-50 miles east. The trailhead serves as a point to access the Arizona Trail between segments 17 and 18. The Arizona Trail stretches across Arizona from the border with Mexico to the border of Utah.

Picketpost Trailhead is named after Picketpost Mountain which towers over segment 17 of the trail, which heads south of the trailhead.

The sun was in the wrong spot to get a good picture of Dad and the mountain.

Segment 18 heads north from the trailhead. It runs under US 60 so that no hiker needs to worry about the highway traffic when crossing. A word of warning, do watch your step as the Tonto National Forest is used to graze cattle, and they tend to follow the trails as much as humans.

Dad with part of the Superstition Mountain range in the background.

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