Time to end hibernation.

I began the process of getting Tortoise ( the RV ) ready to hit the adventure road. I envy those who live in warmer climates and don’t need to winterize their RV. I’ve been making a To Do list, hoping I don’t forget some task. Bleaching the water system to remove last fall’s camper anti-freeze, seems to be the easiest thing to remember. A harder aspect of the dewinterization process is remembering the things I brought home from the RV, that need to get put back.  Pots, pans, sheets, towels, blankets; the list keeps expanding.  I have this fear that I will forget some important thing, only to learn about it when in the wilds of Joshua Tree National Park.

The urge to hit the road is strong. I want to rush the process along. As I look at the last trip, I remember that I forgot to bring the dog’s poop bags. At the only store in town, I found the last pack of dog bags. They were baby powder scented and my jacket pocket still smells like it. But I won’t forget Aria’s supplies this time. Thinking about supplies, do I have RV toilet paper?  Wouldn’t want to venture far without that!

The journey begins again.


2 thoughts on “Time to end hibernation.

  1. Glad you’re getting the Tortoise out and going, Mike! When are you off to Joshua Tree? You’ve already got a head start on the suntan this year! Wondering … is your dad going along as sidekick again?
    Have a wonderful traveling season and take plenty of doggie poop bags and toilet paper!
    Love ya, Cuz! Cyndie A


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