Labor Day Weekend in Door County

The end of the season draws near in Door County.  After Labor Day, the shops start their sales in preparation to close for the season, the seasonal campers/residents start to pack up to move on to their winter residence and we chose to merge with the masses to camp in Door County.

The trip to Door County was a last-minute idea.   Every campground was full.  Luck was with me and Hy-Land Court RV Park, in Ellison Bay, had an opening as one of their seasonal campers decided to leave early.


The campground was okay.  The nightly full hook-up at $40 was less than most of the other private campgrounds in Door County.  It is pet friendly and has a wide variety of sites.   Our site was one of their new ones; in a field with a small amount of shade.   The campground has many seasonal/permanent residents.  I don’t think one would want to tent camp here.   Behind our site was an orchard.  I could not tell if it was apples or cherries.  However, I am pretty sure that it belonged to the Seaquist Farms, as I could walk to their market to buy a pie, donuts and many other delicious items.

We started out this visit with a journey to Fish Creek.  Our goal was to find the shop that custom makes moccasins.  Long ago, Gayle and I had some made for us.  The moccasins last a very long time (or until a dog decides to chew them up).  It was a long shot, but we did find the store.  Gayle talked with the clerk and learned that the gentleman was still around and he was at his main shop in Bailey’s Harbor.  After a quick lunch on the patio at Pelletier’s (they allow dogs there) we headed off to Bailey’s Harbor.

People in Bailey’s Harbor are also very polite….


Aria seems to have liked the harbor and dock.

Since most of our day was done, we decided to head back to camp.  Along the way we saw a sign for the “rustic” route.  We took it and travelled a tree-lined small road.  Eventually we came upon a sign indicating that we were near the lighthouse on Cana Island.   A new detour for us.

We parked in the lot and explored the rocky shore a bit.  Aria wasn’t too sure about the waves and ran back to safety whenever one came ashore.  Cana Island is connected to the land by a strip of land about 12 feet wide.  However this road, as I will call it was submerged in the middle.  A tractor pulling a wagon was our means to get over to the island and keep our feet dry.

If you go to visit the lighthouse there are fees.  $7 to just visit the island and walk about. An additional $5, if you want to climb to the top of the lighthouse.  The line was long and it was nearing closing time, so we opted to skip the climb to the top.

The next day we visited an art/craft fair in Gills Rock img_0310and then headed on to Newport State Park to hike.

Newport State Park has multiple trails, all dog friendly. Aria enjoyed the hike, but still was not too sure about the waves.  We decided to take the Lynd Point trail.


The trail winds in and out of the shade.  It follows the shoreline and you get to see the difference between the calmness of Europe Bay and the waves of Newport Bay.  Here are various pictures from the trail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Near the end of the hike, I looked up and saw an eagle high in the sky.   I attempted to capture it in a video, but the iPhone does not justice, nor zoom close enough.  I thought it was an amazing sight, as I had not seen an eagle flying this close before.

Gayle returned back home on Labor Day while I stayed an extra day to avoid the holiday traffic.  Aria and I relaxed at the camp site.  Aria loves fetching stuff.   She also found a frog, who would not budge, no matter if she pushed it with her nose or barked at it.  All in all, Door County is an enjoyable place to visit.  However, the highway was a bit rough between Sheboygan and Manitowoc.



One thought on “Labor Day Weekend in Door County

  1. Another great article on your RVing camping trips, Mike! Writing will become one your past times, me thinks, as everything comes to life! Way to go!


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