Bird Watching

One of the many benefits of having a class A RV is the huge windshield. Yes, I know I have previously written about the whopping cost of replacing the huge windshield. I also dislike the work needed to clean the bugs and dirt off of the windshield. BUT…. when clean it provides amazing views.

My current view in the distance is Picketpost Mountain. Directly in front of the RV, Aria and I enjoy watching the birds and occasional rabbit or ground squirrel. The birds appear to love the protection of the cacti and thorn bushes/trees. I have noticed that the same birds visit every day.

There are a few types of sparrows that always come in a small groups. The Black-throated Sparrow and White-crowned Sparrow appear every day. Occasionally I will see a House Sparrow. There are also two female Cardinals and one male. A couple Curved-billed Thrashers also appear. I usually hear them before I see them as the sound like one of Aria’s toys squeaking. Aria has stopped looking at me when they are around. I am sure that she thinks I am squeaking one of her toys. One a few rare occasions, I have seen some Gambel’s Quail strolling by. A pair of Ravens come by once a week, but they don’t stay long. In the distance I have spotted a Hawk and two Golden Eagles, but they are never close enough to get a picture and by the time I get out the binoculars they are gone.

Even though the birds seem to be always present, they never seem to be in one spot long enough for me to get a picture. Below are some shots that I did get. Most have been cropped and enlarged, so they are not the best quality.

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