Replacing the windshield

In the excitement of purchasing our  motorhome and getting through all the paperwork, we added additional protection.  Part of this was a coating on the windshield to help prevent dings & cracks to the windshield.   I think that perhaps I should have read the fine print on this one before agreeing to it.   There is a clause that limits the warranty to cracks that are less than 6 inches.


The crack in my windshield was about 8-10 inches long when I discovered it.  So the warranty would not cover the windshield, nor would the company reimburse me for the deductible that I needed to pay to have the windshield replaced.

One of the features that I like about my RV is the front window.   A class A motorhome provides a fantastic view of the landscape while parked and moving.  It is like watching a movie at the theater instead of at home on the TV.   The drawback is the replacement cost.

Unlike a car, or other smaller motorhome (classes B & C), the windshield can cost upwards of $3,000.  Also, you cannot have the local windshield repair come out and fix the windshield where you are.  For me, I needed to pay the $500 deductible that my insurance policy did not cover and drive the RV a bit over an hour away to a shop that was able to handle replacing a class A windshield.   I will say that Marengo Auto Body & Glass did a fine job replacing my windshield.   Large vehicles must be a specialty as I counted at least 7 other motorhomes and a few delivery trucks parked in the lot.

If you are considering a class A motorhome, do plan to put aside funds to replace your windshield.  I hope it doesn’t happen again and plan to stay further way from anybody who might throw a stone at my windshield as I drive through areas where this might occur.  A lesson learned.











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