What is that Smell?

Just a quick little anecdote…

On Interstate 80 heading west somewhere between Ogallala, NE and Brule, NE the worst smell crept up to the driver’s seat.  My first thought was somebody farted.  I knew it wasn’t me, but being polite, I kept my thoughts to myself.   However the smell was getting stronger.  Being a newbie with the RV, all sorts of other scenarios ran through my mind.

  • The toilet trap was stuck open.
  • The black tank was leaking somewhere in the RV.

As I contemplated pulling over to investigate one of these horrible scenarios, I looked to my left and saw a stockyard.  It was full of cattle, and I would say: cattle manure.

So, if you are traveling that short stretch on I-80 be prepared.  The RV was sealed tight with the air conditioner running.  Yet the smell came in.

But don’t worry, the smell dissipates after about 30 minutes.

4 thoughts on “What is that Smell?

  1. My whole family is dying of laughter right now as I read to them your piece. Thank goodness your blog came up when I googled “what’s this horrid smell Ogallala, NE”!


  2. Had the pleasure (NOT!) of experience this earlier this evening….
    Dear Lord…..people actually reside on that stretch!
    As a Realtor, I’d say that’s not a plus when it comes to home value! Wowza!!🤢


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