In the beginning

Research and more research.  That is what we did.   I crunched numbers and watched many YouTube videos.   All the many types of motorhomes started to blend together in my mind. I think I changed my mind between a Class A, Class C and 5th Wheel about 50 times.   There were advantages and disadvantages to each.

We attended local RV shows which helped to solidify what we liked.  We found a 31 foot Coachmen Mirada; one foot longer than my desired length.  But the floor plan provided a spacious feeling when the slides were out.  Even with the slides in, there is room to move about.   The show price was below what I had planned for with all my number crunching.  We were about to purchase the model at the show; but it was sold out from under us.

No worries though.  The manufacturer rep said he could provide us the show pricing on a unit built for us.   To me this was fantastic!   We splurged a bit and added some items that we may not have needed.   But when the unit was delivered it had most of the options that we wanted.   I really wanted the motorhome prewired for solar, but this option was not available.


In late April, we took delivery and now the journey begins.

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